4 Keyword Research Tips for Page One – In relation to implementing SEO for website content or business digital sites, the important point you pay attention to is the keywords used in the content. Make sure you have done keyword research before you create content. The purpose of this activity is so that your content can win positions on search engines such as Google, and succeed in internet marketing strategies.With the use of the right keywords, the content you create can compete with other content and can win the competition to occupy the first page of Google. Yes, one of the main targets for a digital business or digital advertising agency in displaying content is that content can occupy the first page on Google so that it is easy for the audience to find.Then, what is the right way to do keyword research to win searches? Here Admin will provide the simplest answer to this question so that those of you who are new to SEO can try and apply it well, citing from nubiseo and various trusted sources. Here’s the review:

The Right Way of Keyword Research to Win Search Results

1. Set Goal

Before doing keyword research, the first thing that needs to be done is to set your goals or objectives first. Are the keywords that you are targeting to get as many visitors as possible or to get prospective consumers by using blogger seo settings.You have to understand, if without a clear goal, then keyword searching will be difficult. For example, if you want to get a lot of visitors for your business website, you can search for keywords related to business ideas or tips or keywords related to business improvements and activities. This will make it easy for you to get visitors or traffic.Meanwhile, if your goal is to do keyword research to get prospective customers, then the keywords that need to be targeted are keywords related to buying and selling activities, transactions, and the like.

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2. Find the Basic Keywords

First, after you have determined the main goal, then look for the basic keywords that match the goals you want to achieve. Basic keywords or short-tail keywords generally only consist of 1 to two words. Some examples of basic keywords that you can use for business, for example: buying and selling, marketing, how to sell, online shop, cheap shop, cheap goods, and others.

3. Find Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are derived from keywords that generally contain a more complete explanation or detail than the basic keywords that you have previously specified. To find long tail keywords, you can use keyword search tools. There are many types of keyword search tools. Some are free and some are paid. Just choose the same according to your needs and adjust to the budget you have.For beginners, using free tools, such as UberSuggest or keyword planner, is recommended. With these tools, the list of recommended keywords will look easier. You can get various long tail keywords that you can target with guaranteed accuracy or use Google suggestion, which is automatically in the search box.

4. Analyze the Level of Competition in Search Engines

In searching for keywords, there is one point that is no less important than the previous points, namely analyzing the level of competition for keywords in search engines. You can use keyword tools, Google ads, or keyword planner to see how much competition there is in the keywords you are targeting.Doing this level of competition analysis allows you to get information about the search volume for your target keywords. Do a keyword competition level analysis manually with keyword tools instead of using Google ads because later the competition level data will be shown through the website from these tools.If you use Google ads, the result of the level of competition informed by this tool is the level of competition in the ad. This will be useful if you also do advertising. But for general search without advertising, you should use other tools besides Google ads. After you get the right keywords, you can execute those keywords to create content.

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That’s the right way to research keywords for a website marketing company in order to win search results on search engines. Hopefully, the review that the admin shared above will be useful and inspiring information for you.