Easy Ways to Print Out Documents Via Smartphone – In certain types of print, the available wireless features can make it easier to print or print out documents through any type of device. The following easy way to print documents via a smartphone can be a reference for those of you who want to print documents easily without being complicated.

The Epson printer brand type l3110 is an all-in-one printer type. Which means that this launch printer product can be used for various needs other than printing or document printouts. Such as, Scanning printed documents (Scan) or photocopying physical documents.

Not only that, this type of l3110 product provides a wireless connection (without cables) that can be connected to smartphones with similar central access media from OTG or WiFi networks. Document printout from smartphone will be easier to use this product.

How to Print Out Documents Via Smartphone Using Epson l3110

This Epson l3110 printer has access to a wireless connection that can be connected to a smartphone using the same central access media from OTG or WiFi. Printing documents from a smartphone will be made easier using the Epsom iPrint application available on the Playstore for Android users, for those of you who want to print via a laptop, you can click here to try download driver epson l3110. This application can connect a smartphone with an Epson l3110 physical printer, so that the document printout process becomes easier and more efficient. Here’s how to print a document from a smartphone via the Epson l3110:

  1. Download and install the iPrint application via the Play store.
  2. After the application is installed, you can connect it to the printer.
  3. Then, turn on the Wifi on your android smartphone, then connect it to the same network where the Epson printer is connected.
  4. Next, open the iPrint app.
  5. Click the agree box on the application by pressing ‘Agree’, then continue by pressing ‘ok’.
  6. At the top, click ‘Printer is not selected’ to select the printer device to be connected.
  7. Next, select the printer you want to use and click ‘Ok’.
  8. Then, you can return to the main menu dashboard to go to ‘Maintenance’.
  9. If the printer is connected to the printer, you can print various documents directly.
  10. To be able to print a document, select ‘Print Document’ in the main menu. Then the application will ask for permission to access your File Explorer.
  11. Click ‘Allow’ to continue the document printout process from your android smartphone.
  12. Then click on ‘User memory’ or ‘Sd Card’. At this stage, select or adjust the location of the document you want to print.
  13. Once the printed document has been selected. Click on ‘Print’ at the bottom right. You can also click the button with the gear icon on the top right to change it before the print process starts.
  14. Next, wait until the document printing process is complete.
  15. Done, your smartphone documents can be printed easily and practically.


That’s how to print smartphone documents using the Epson l3110, for those of you users of other types of Epson prints such as the L1110, you can try download driver epson l1110. Good luck, hopefully useful!.